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Welcome to Rochelle Communications
We are a privately-held company founded in 1989. We are a supplier of innovative low-cost
Caller ID solutions for the Point-of-Sale (POS) industry.

We are proud to present our current products:
  • Model 2045 Multi-Line Adapter  List Price: US$ 595   Click here to order

    A full-featured small business product that monitors incoming and outgoing Caller ID data on up to 6 phone lines. The Model 2045 provides internal data logging and the information can be downloaded to a PC. It interfaces with POS software such as Future, Focus, Micros or Aloha.

  • Model 2050 Four-Line Adapter  List Price: US$ 325   Click here to order

    A product that passes incoming Caller ID data on up to 4 phone lines to a PC via RS-232 or USB, and interfaces with a POS system such as DiamondTouch, Micros, and others (Please specify when ordering).

  • Model ANI-232 One-Line Adapter  List Price: US$ 99   Click here to order

    A simple product to send Caller ID data to a PC for a single phone line via RS-232. Suitable for hobbyist and research applications.
Same day shipping for all orders.  10% discount for all orders of five units or more.

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