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Model 2045
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Model 2045 Multi-line Adapter   List Price: US$595   Click here to Order

Product Overview:

The Rochelle Model 2045 Multi-Line Adapter is a small business product that captures incoming Caller ID data and outgoing dialed numbers on up to six phone lines. Data from up to 500 calls can be stored in internal memory and uploaded to the host computer.

The Model 2045 turns any multi-line analog telephone or key system in the US and Canada into a powerful Caller ID and data logging system.

The Rochelle Model 2045 works with most major computer telephony and Caller ID software running on PCs or network servers.

Key Features:

  • Compatible with most POS and CTI software packages
  • Monitors up to 6 analog telephone lines
  • Detects when inbound calls have been answered
  • Displays outbound call status
  • Decodes standard US and Canadian Caller ID (Bell 202 FSK)
  • Immune to common telephone line noise and transients.
  • Internal datalogging of 500 calls, including inbound number and name, outbound number, date and time, duration, and status (e.g. answered, unanswered).
  • Communications with the host PC via RS-232 and the Rochelle CTI Command Set®.
  • Applications include:
    • Customer Service and Support
    • Telephone Contact Management
    • Telephone Order Entry and Point of Sale
    • Automated Voice Messaging Systems
    • Computer Access Security Systems

 Line Interface  
 Telephone Lines  Up to 6 loop start-lines (RJ-11 connections)
 Registrations  FCC Part 68, DOC Standard CS-03, Issue 7
 DOC Load Number  33
 Caller ID Performance  
 Transmission Standard  Bell 202
 Mode  Receive Only
 Caller ID Decoding Capacity  Up to 2 incoming calls (per 3 second period)
 Data Rate  1200 bits per second (bps)
 Receive Sensitivity  -42 dBm
 Data Link  Standard Bellcore TR-TSY-000030/31
 RS-232 Interface  
 Mode  Full Duplex
 Data Rate and Format  2400, N, 8, 1
 Communications  Rochelle CTI Command Set
 EMI  FCC Part 15, Subpart B, Class A
 Power Supply  110 Vac to 14 Vac (included)
 Size  1.8"x 8.3" x 7.0" deep (4.5 x 21 x by 17.8 cm)
 Weight  1 lb. 1 oz. (0.48 kg)
 Operating Temperature Range  32 F to 122 F (0 C to 50 C
 Operating Humidity Range  10 to 90% noncondensing
 Warranty  One year standard warranty

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